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Integrating the voice of your membership into the meeting

Discover how a virtual mic could transform your meeting

What makes an AGM technology provider worth the investment?

Engaging with retail investors- here's why it matters.

2021 Debrief- the Belgium AGM season in review

Joining the dots: creating a cohesive investor...

Managing Q&A at your virtual or hybrid AGM

Proximus: the world's first organization to use LumiAGM

Membership voice at the hybrid meeting- how can your...

Ready reduce your carbon footprint? It could be time to...

Hybrid meetings in the age of Coronavirus- the only option?

Discover the latest in Q&A management

The virtual AGM is now a reality, but where do we go from...

Lumi Middle East delivers a full end-to-end solution for...

2020: A Year of Change

How Much Does a Hybrid or Virtual AGM Really Cost?

Is it the end for in-room shareholder meetings?

When is a Virtual AGM not a Virtual AGM?

It’s Really Not That Different

Pragmatism, Not Panic

Investor voting and annual general meetings. Digitisation,...

Sporting Federation – A Code For Sports Governance.

Why going hybrid is good for the environment.

The Essentials of a Successful AGM

International Shooting Sport Federation

What is a Hybrid AGM and how do you run one?

2018 - What a Year!

Norway is ready to embrace Hybrid AGM

How Annual Meetings are Changing Around the Globe

Introducing Pre-Voting for Membership Organizations

Virtual AGM – Debunking The Myths

Is a Hybrid AGM Secure?

The Impact of Running a Hybrid AGM

Is My Company Ready for a Hybrid AGM?

What is a Hybrid AGM?

What is Member Value and Why is it So Important to...

7 Benefits of Developing Your Organisation’s Member Value

What is GDPR?

Sporting Federations are onto a winner with Lumi

Virtual AGM? Get real or maybe even go hybrid...

The Power of Proximity: Using Beacons at Your Event

How technology is improving shareholder engagement:

The Future of Belgian Shareholder Meetings – Are You Ready?

How to Create a Presentation Your Audience Loves

4 reasons why your annual meeting should be Virtual or...

Australasian 2017 AGM Season

Future of AGM: the Corporate Governance case for frowning...

Having your cake and eating it too – Evolving Virtual...

7 things you must do before asking your audience questions

Lumi’s largest Annual General Meeting

DIY or Buy

2017 – the year to ditch paper guides and embrace event apps

Why we sold IML Interactive…

Join in with the Festive Fun: Christmas Quiz and...

Improving the quality of debate at AGMs

Interaction doesn’t have to be complex

My first Dreamforce

The passion of an internal meeting

Team Lumi in Rio gets our vote

Channel 4 referendum debate uses Lumi

What to ask your WiFi provider: 5 tips

Why are Market Researchers Holding Back Market Research?

4 Ways Market Researchers Can Optimize Survey Design

6 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Event Survey

Event Trend: What Event Planners Need To Do In 2015

Toward 2015: 3 Reasons Why Enterprise Meetings Will Go...


Discover Lumi: An introduction to our platform

Lumi September Launch

Shareholder engagement: why it matters

The 2021 AGM season: what we know so far

Report: Transforming the member experience in a digital...

Top tips for presenting your AGM from home

Proximus: the world's first organization to use LumiAGM

Discover the Lumi Platform

The Journey of a Question

How we manage Q&A - A personalized tutorial

On The Day

Hybrid – The Best Of Both Worlds

The Global AGM Report 2020

The Lumi Studio

Managing Q&A at your Hybrid or Virtual AGM

Hybrid AGM Planning Checklist

Lumi Web App for your computer

Lumi Web App for your mobile

Attending A Virtual AGM

How to Successfully Run a Virtual AGM: A Guide for the Chair

Virtual Shareholder Meeting

The Ultimate Guide To Hybrid AGM

Hybrid AGM FAQ

The Principles and Practicalities of Running Hybrid Meetings

How to Run a Hybrid Meeting

In The Room vs Hybrid vs Virtual

Creating Greater Engagement Webinar

The Future of AGM - 2020

Lumi helps The Co-op keep its members engaged

How to use Lumi's Self Registration solution

How to use Lumi's Kiosk Voting solution

Take the Meeting to your Attendees

Introducing Lumi’s Solution For Faith-Based Organizations

Digital Excellence Seminar

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting Testimonial

Global Member Insight Report 2019

A Guide To The Effect of SRD II on AGM Markets

SRD II Explained

Lumi’s Online Voting Platform - Webinar Recording

Electronic Voting Factsheet

The Advantages of Electronic Voting

Lumi Delivers First End-To-End Event with Connect in South...

An Introduction to Pre-Voting

A Connect Event in Numbers

Lifecycle of an AGM

Global AGM Trends Whitepaper

Trends in the Meeting & Events Industry

Introducing Online Voting Infographic

Engagement Crash Course

Kiosk Voting


Woolcott Casestudy

LGA Casestudy

Meetings Africa Gets the Support it Needs from Lumi

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting

Inspiration and innovation for RAF conference as Lumi...

ViewPoint Product Sheet

Lumi’s Event Apps - Feature Overview

Event Technology

Lumi AGM

How Meeting Planners Work with Lumi

Harnessing Audience Insight

Lumi Connector Ideas And Best Practice

Lumi Introduction To AGM Mobile

Member Meetings & Elections

Real-Time Research – Getting Closer to the Truth

Measuring Emotions Through A Mobile Device, Esomar Congress

Event Industry Global Market Research Report

Developing Second Generation Mobile Research Techniques,...

Best Practices for Event App Promotion

5 Reasons Mobile Matters

7 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

10 Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Mobile...

Top 10 Insights Revealed By Event App Analytics

Top 10 Ways To Monetize

Lumi Whitepaper: From the peak to the plateau

Global Electronic AGMs Infographic

ELCA Conducts Instant, Electronic Elections

Lumi’s Connector helps make energy company’s conferences an...

Lumi Say Gathers Views Across Africa and the Middle East...

Campaign Effectiveness: Targeting Consumers on the Move

Vodafone Collects In-the-Moment Insight on New Year’s Eve

MPI ‘Gamifies’ their Networking & Education Event

West Coast Casualty Engages Attendees at Annual Seminar

Six Degrees Medical Trains over 3,000 Sales Reps throughout...

Molson Coors Uncovers Influencing Factors with Mobile...


Lumi Holdings Limited

The Lumi Studio →

The Lumi Studio

The Lumi Studio (V3.0)


Lumi Holdings Limited

Hybrid AGM Checklist →

Hybrid AGM Checklist

Lumi _ Hybrid Animation (US) V2.0


Lumi Holdings Limited

Discover Lumi →

Discover Lumi

Press Releases

Fast-growing global tech provider Lumi enriches the in-room...

Global AGM provider Lumi appoints corporate governance...

Lumi selected by Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation...

Fast-growing UK regtech Lumi builds on busiest ever AGM...

Lumi Global acts as technology partner for Samsung...

Discover the new way to host a Q&A at an AGM

ICJ and Lumi Partnership delivers first successful virtual...

GLOBAL MEMBER INSIGHT REPORT 2019 Online options would...

Arab Bank successfully holds Jordan’s first virtual General...

Dubai Regulator leads the way during COVID-19 Crisis

Lumi and Proxymity Collaborate in Successful Pilot In...

ICSA leads by example with hybrid AGM

Lumi partners with DNB Bank to deliver Norway’s First...

Lumi launches Virtual AGM Knowledge Hub

Lumi launches Connect, a fully supported Event Management...

Lumi Consolidates Position in Canada Through the...

Lumi announces launch of Lumi Middle East

Lumi and Company Webcast enter a reseller partnership

Lumi Boosts Growth With New Partnership

TSX Trust Scrutineers First-Ever Virtual Annual General and...

ASA leads reform of AGMs

Lumi Works with Microsoft to Open Up Meetoo PowerPoint...

Lumi Introduces Enhanced Ways to Engage an Audience with...

Lumi and Kantar Health Introduce Mobile Survey App to...

Jimmy Choo Finds the Perfect Fit for First UK Electronic AGM

Lumi Launches QuickSay to Speed Mobile Adoption

Lumi and Kantar Health win Prestigious Award for mHealth...

New Meetoo Release Encourages More Candid and Confidential...

Vespa Capital invests in Lumi, an industry leader in AGM...

StaffConnect Announces Partnership With Lumi to integrate...

Lumi announces further expansion in France

Crystal Interactive Acquires UK Live Events Business From...

Lumi Launches Meetoo to Revolutionize Meetings Through Live...

Lumi Appoints Sir Nigel Knowles as Non-Executive Director

Lumi Delivers the World’s First Mobile Hybrid Voting...

Lumi partners with Cint to build the world’s largest,...

Lumi revolutionises conference management with launch of...

Lumi To Showcase Audience Engagement Technology At Confex...