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Professional Investor Relations Meetings

The Lumi Platform is an online meeting platform designed to elevate your IR meetings and earnings calls. Hybrid and virtual solutions means a better investor experience.

  • Live event broadcasting
  • Integrated written and verbal question feature
  • Simple, instant access for your shareholders

The Lumi Platform: Trusted to power the meetings that matter

The Lumi Platform is an online meeting solution for running investor relations investor meetings, earnings calls and webcasts, providing your business with a professional, fully featured experience. Our platform can be used for all types of meetings, whether virtual, hybrid or in-room, meaning that all your investors and analysts can join and contribute to the most important business decisions.

Creating an engaging investor day for your investors can be challenging, which is why the features available in The Lumi Platform include real-time live Q&A, document management, all provided through our fully managed, secure hosting technology.


The requirement for virtual meetings has grown over recent years, so The Lumi Platform provides secure, professional meetings hosted online.

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Hybrid offers the best of both worlds, enabling the closeness of in-person meetings, while allowing those that are joining virtually to contribute equally.

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While some businesses are returning to in-room investor meetings, The Lumi Platform still provides all the same features to manage successful in-person stakeholder meetings.

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Introducing: The Lumi Platform

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Where existing meeting and webinar tools stop at communication, Lumi's platform goes beyond to power the most critical decision-making in the meetings that matter.

Lumi Global transforms earnings calls, investor days and ESG events, empowering you to communicate your financial performance and company strategy to in-room and virtual participants in near-real time. Lumi’s industry-leading technology helps you increase the reputation and perception of your brand, driving market confidence and increased  investment.

Lumi Global's industry-leading technology puts you in control of your meeting. Our global presence and personalized service delivers an exceptional experience for every meeting that matters.

Watch this video and see how you can transform your own meetings with The Lumi Platform.

Fully Managed Service

From our high-tech regional studios

"Can you see my screen?"

This isn't how we do things. The Lumi Platform is a fully managed white glove solution that gives you the confidence that everything will run properly and professionally.

Dedicated teams of engineers will be responsible for moving along the presentations, opening up Q&A sessions and sharing documents when applicable so all you have to worry about is engaging with your stakeholders.

What are the main features of The Lumi Platform?


Easy Q&A management 

The Lumi Platform for investor relations offers the option for stakeholders to ask written, audio and video questions during the live meeting.


Accessible meeting portal 

Lumi Global's powerful platform makes it easy to connect all investors, analysts, and stakeholders through a single, secure portal. 


Reporting & analytics

The Lumi platform has the ability
to produce a full suite of reports,
at any time, giving a full and
transparent record of the meeting and its attendees.

What are the benefits of The Lumi Platform?


We help you plan and execute seamless IR meetings

Effortlessly prepare and share the materials your audience needs to make informed investment decisions. Lumi Global lets you share accurate and relevant information with analysts and investors, giving them a deeper understanding of your company.


We help you drive stakeholder trust and engagement 

By communicating with efficiency and clarity and making it easy for your audience to engage and ask questions, Lumi Global helps you build investor confidence. We enable you to encourage and facilitate strategic feedback and competitive insights that help senior management refine the company strategy.


We help you maximise long term investment 

By effectively articulating your company strategy and projecting expected performance you can maximize long-term value. Lumi Global makes it easy to articulate your essential strategic and financial information to all interested parties. Through meaningful communication you can stabilize your share price and diversify your investor base.

"With their state-of-the-art virtual event platform,  the fully integrated offering and expert team at Lumi Global have helped Stella-Jones deliver seamless and successful shareholder events, and reach our audiences in a superior manner.”

- Stephanie Corrente 
 Director, Corporate Communications | Stella-Jones Inc.

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