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Lumi elevates stakeholder engagement and accessibility using online and in-room technology solutions that expertly tailor your meetings to your needs.

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Making meetings memorable

For over 30 years, Lumi has been facilitating Annual General Meetings (AGM), investor relations, member meetings, legislative meetings and elections, faith-based meetings, and annual congresses, as well as meetings and events. Headquartered in Hampshire, UK, Lumi has 13 offices across Europe, APAC, The Middle East, Africa, and the Americas, facilitating more than 40 countries with thousands of meetings each year.

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Trusted technology, unparalleled experience

Lumi is the leading end-to-end platform globally, facilitating in-room, hybrid and virtual meetings for the world’s largest corporations, legislative bodies, and membership organizations.

Based on proprietary, patented technology, Lumi provides software, hardware, and services that assist Issuers, Registrars, and event organizers to register delegates, provide live, secure polling, Q&A management services, and audited reporting through pioneering technology.

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Get the best of both worlds. Ensure your remote and in-person attendees have the same great experience regardless of how they attend your meeting.


Have your participants attend your next virtual meeting without the need for extra apps, while still gaining access to helpful features like voting, Q&A engagement, downloading meeting documents, and more.

In-room meetings

From registration to on-site assistance, installation by our skilled team or licensed remotely for self-service, upgrade your next in-person event with ease.

Unlock the full potential of Lumi

Our step-by-step demo will guide you through all the features and functionalities of our platform. See first hand how our interface allows for your users to easily navigate and engage with your next meeting.

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