IML Connector

The IML Connector is Lumi's proprietary device that tracks attendance, has an inbuilt microphone, allows a range of voting methods, and can also be used to text in questions.

See below for more information on how to use the device at a live meeting.


1. Smartcard

The smartcard is registered to a participant at a physical event and can contain information such as name and shareholding, which is displayed to the participant when they insert it into an IML Connector.


The IML Smartcard needs to be inserted with the chip facing up. When inserted correctly a welcome message will appear.


When inserted correctly the name or company associated to the smartcard is displayed in the header.

The header bar can be themed.

2. Texting (optional)

The IML Connector can be used to send messages of up to 127 characters using the QWERTY keyboard. 

Texting (optional)

Text screen

The text message screen displays the 127 character message.

QWERTY Keyboard

The QWERTY  keyboard is backlight and contains space and special characters.

3. Microphone

Every IML Connector has an in-built microphone which, when activated, opens accessibility up to every connected device. It is first come first served access but the operator has control from the admin console. 


The microphone is in the top left hand corner and should be held 6 inches away from your mouth.

Headset volume

Microphone button
Microphone button

Image point 1

4. Single Poll

Motions can be put to the meeting singularly. This opens one poll on the device and forces it to the main focus. Participants simply select the choice from the options provided and receive an instant vote confirmation. If the participant wishes to change their vote they can do so at any point whilst the vote is open.

Single Poll

Resolution text




5. Group Poll

For a more efficient polling experience, polls can be opened in groups. This allows for a greater voting window and for participants to vote at their leisure. Vote all functionality can also be  

Group Poll

Choice counter

Board recommendation

Resolution select



6. Election Poll

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Election Poll

Choice counter

Election options