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Welcome to the SmartAGM Portal

The SmartAGM portal is your central connection for information on a company's Annual General Meeting. It is the easiest and most convenient way for you as a shareholder to view meeting notices, annual financial statements and register electronically to participate in an upcoming meeting.

Lumi AGM

To register and participate electronically, follow the below steps

tap (3)

Step 1

Click on the company's logo you wish to attend


Step 2

Complete the application and attach the supporting documents


Step 3

Your application will follow the approval process

email (1)

Step 4

Once approved, your meeting ID, username and password will be communicated to you over the email you registered with

If you are struggling to connect to an existing Virtual AGM,  please click here to be routed to our support page.

To view the information and register for a specific AGM, select one of the companies from the list below. For any queries, Contact us.