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"We have used Lumi for our audience polling needs for several events to gather feedback from our conference delegates regarding their technology issues. Lumi’s customer service has been outstanding for each event. The staff handles all the pre-planning work, we simply supply the questions and they do the rest. The onsite staff is always professional, reliable and very accommodating with any last-minute changes, and the handheld devices are extremely easy to use. Our conference delegates have provided very positive feedback about this new interactive feature, and the results that we have gathered will go a long way in providing added value to our research and event content for Gartner clients."

  • Gartner

"As representatives of the meetings and events industry, we were eager to utilize the event app, Lumi Show, for our Board of Directors conference. Our board members enjoyed the ease of checking agendas and speaker bios from their own devices. An extra level of engagement was facilitated with the ability to upload and share photos from the social events, utilize the live ‘Join In’ message board, and also to be able to download each other’s contacts for future connections."

  • San Francisco Travel

"We recently used Lumi for our house of delegates elections. We were impressed by the instant response time of the voting results – they were much quicker than other systems we’ve used previously. The producer on site was also very helpful, always one step ahead and doing what needed to be done before being asked. With the capabilities of the Lumi system, we decided to add in some survey questions along with the elections this year to get attendee feedback on the meeting format; those responses were a very useful gauge in deciding what we should keep or change. Overall, working with Lumi was a great experience, it would be difficult to think of anything we would do differently to make the voting process better next year!"

  • APMA

"Thanks for your e-mail and please note that we were extremely pleased with Lumi this year as well as in years prior which is why we have used you guys for the past 3-4 years for our events. I heard nothing but overwhelming raves from both the speakers and the attendees about the devices. It was clear by how much they were put to use this year. The guys you sent were terrific and there is no question in my mind that the members of your staff are reliable, dedicated and individually upbeat individuals by their very nature which assist them to do their jobs very well. Further, there is no doubt to me that yours is an organization which has a team player mindset, is well organized, diligent, is enthusiastic in the work, embraces change, has the ability to work with minimal supervision and unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations. You and the members of your staff consistently demonstrated all of the above qualities and more, I look forward to working with you again in 358 days from now when we return to the Disneyland Hotel for our next event."

  • West Coast Casualty

"The Lumi devices and services are awesome and add so much value to a meeting. The surveys make the meeting so much more fun and interactive, and allow you to collect valuable information. The microphone feature is great too, they work so well and people love to use them. It definitely adds a huge convenience factor."

  • River West Meeting Associates

"I’m not a big believer in giving out all tens (there’s always something to improve, right). But, the audience response system really enhanced the event, and the Lumi team offered fantastic support. Next time we will try to utilize more of the capabilities provided by the devices."

  • Boehringer Ingelheim

"Lumi Say was the perfect solution for our New Year’s Eve multi-sensory fireworks research. Lumi’s technology allowed us to capture real-time reactions, qualitative and quantitative, to a live event. The Lumi Say app approach allowed seamless offline interaction with attendees allowing media and opinions to be shared, as well as additional elements of gamification and hosting event information…. All of this conducted via the app staggered throughout the event without concern of internet connection."

  • Vodafone

"The release of the IML Connector has met and surpassed all our expectations. Congratulations! The qwerty keyboards, LED screen, the speed of the receipt of questions through your messaging function and the ability for each participant to communicate with the presenters and audience with their own “built-in” mic is the best.

"We would be remiss if we did not point out how responsive your team was to all our needs.  From the pre-event programming to the on-site execution, everything went perfectly well.  The customized graphics and the customized “game,” were very well done, as was all your reporting functions. We look forward to our next opportunity to work with your great product and team."

  • Unison LLC

"Having now used the IML Connector in a real world environment – both in the UK and abroad, it is an outstanding piece of technology.  It is a compact, capable and carefully designed device that provides a first class voting and delegate interactive platform that excels at every level. One of the major improvements has been the mic activation facility – it is now on a par, I believe (and my audio manager agrees) with traditional Shure SM58 hand-held radio mics, normally trotted-out in Q&A sessions.  Obviously this is a little biased having experienced the IML Connector up close, but from my experience of using it in-depth, in a fast-moving training/conference environment for a major oil company, I can categorically say the functionality, clarity and speed of the mic on the handset is superb, and alleviates all of the issues surrounding Q&A facilitation of delegate mics during such sessions.

"If you do anything new this year, get your clients to use the IML Connector – it’s a blast and everyone from the client to the production team will thank you for it!"

  • FCM-I

"What an amazing product/service! The addition of your state-of-the-art technology enriched the conference in so many ways – from increased attendee engagement, to instant feedback for those of us on the organization team, to creating just the right pace and flow of presentations and discussions.  From both a meeting design, as well as a purely logistical standpoint, the flexibility of the system, its rapidity in projecting survey results and the built-in individual microphone feature elevated our conference to a whole new level. All those years I ran around rooms with a hand held mic or had to have extra staff to run multiple mics around the room during discussion periods…no more! That technological advance alone deserves a special award from meeting planners around the globe! I never thought I’d live long enough to see something so thoughtfully designed, so easy to use and of such value to meeting organizers and participants. Rock on, Lumi!"

  • Metropolitan State College of Denver

"Lumi’s equipment is a great way to bring interactivity to a meeting or event without having to spend extra time moving tables or getting up from your seat.  Even on-the-fly changes and question additions were no match for this well-organized team, and I would highly recommend them to anyone – and already have!"

  • Greater Twin Cities United Way

"Lumi always performs as a true partner, not only providing exactly what we want, but also going the extra mile to work as seamlessly with us as if they are a part of our company. Their technical expertise, quality and consistency are things I have come to expect and their innovative ideas are endless."

  • Medtronic Inc

"Lumi’s interactive quiz game was recommended to us as an excellent way to absorb guests into the competitive spirit of the evening, and it really worked! The Lumi team created a quiz especially for the JNF and they were fantastic, providing action-packed entertainment from start to finish."

  • Jewish National Fund

"Lumi never fail to deliver a great service and product at the events they are working on. They add value to our events by understanding what we are trying to achieve and advise us on the content of the questions we ask the audience. I look forward to continuing to work with them on future events."

  • Deloitte & Touche LLP

"We were impressed with how Lumi wanted to understand our business so they could provide us with the best solutions for our event. They came up with some fantastic ideas to ensure we got the best out of the interactive handsets and the best out of our event."

  • VT Plus Training

"Our client used text response to elicit comments and questions from the audience to drive Q&A sessions. Throughout the business sessions we were concerned that the sensitivity of subject matters would limit delegate responses in an open forum.  The text function provided anonymity for delegates and generated an excellent response. The speed of the texting system was very good as we were able to update the audience with responses on key issues immediately after a text session was completed. The texting function was a huge success as a gatherer of comment for lively debate on sensitive issues, and I will be recommending the system to my other clients."

  • HSBC Bank

"Getting the audience to use the handsets to vote anonymously was a great way of warming them up. It allowed delegates to participate in the proceedings but without being required to over-exert themselves! Being able to use the handsets as microphones and therefore dispense with roving mikes was a real bonus and made the audience question session a lot easier to handle smoothly.

"We were impressed by the efficient, professional way in which Lumi’s representative handled the set-up of equipment on the day, particularly when liaising with the venue’s technical staff. Overall, we found that the service Lumi provided was excellent and hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future."

  • Edis Bates Associates

"The on-demand agenda, bios and presentations created an engaged environment that was greatly enhanced by the voting used during each session. The ability to use the messaging feature to share comments and parking lot ideas added to the group conversation and received high marks from the attendees."

  • Maritiz Travel

"The IML Click has given us the opportunity to vary our training delivery and interaction with all our top football referees, assistant referees and assessors operating within the professional and semi-professional game to provide a unique, instantaneous learning environment and an alternative way to further analyze match incidents. The reports are equally important which helps us to recognize trends, strengths and areas where we can further develop."

  • Training & Development Manager, PGMOL (Professional Game Patch Officials)

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