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Years of experience

No-one has been developing clever technology for conferences and events for longer than Lumi. For 25 years we’ve been driven by the idea that meetings can be transformed beyond people’s imagination with content, polling and other engagement ideas delivered on hand-held devices.

Global leaders

Today we’re a global leader in real-time audience engagement technology, with offices around the world. Our mission is simply to transform meetings - energizing, exciting and rewarding audiences, event organizers and presenters alike.

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"We’re driven by the idea that technology can transform events and conferences forever. This is what made us the world leader in event apps."

Richard Taylor - CEO

And we’re transforming meetings and learning with Meetoo


What is Meetoo?

It’s our real-time polling app that makes meetings and classes more effective – and fun! Live polling gives everyone the chance to get involved. Attendees can also share comments, questions and ideas, making meetings and classes more engaging and inclusive.


What makes it so good?

It's the most straightforward, easy to use engagement app there is. Just create a meeting online and share the details with your attendees. It only takes a few seconds to create a poll, and audiences can vote instantly.

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