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About Lumi

Our wonderful people, based in 13 offices across the world, have a wealth of experience that will help to transform your next AGM or Investor Relations meeting. We are passionate about delivering world-class meeting experiences for all of our clients. We are looking forward to working with you.


About Lumi

Our wonderful people, based in 13 offices across the world, have a wealth of experience that will help to transform your next AGM or Investor Relations meeting. We are passionate about delivering world-class meeting experiences for all of our clients. We are looking forward to working with you.

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We make the impossible possible

Lumi is the dominant player globally in the provision of software and real-time audience engagement technology to facilitate Investor Relations and Annual General Meetings for Companies (whether listed or non-listed), Associations, Legislative Bodies, Membership Organizations, and Partnerships. Based on proprietary, patented technology, Lumi provides software, hardware, and services that assist registrars or event organizers to register delegates and provide live, secure polling, Q&A management services, and relevant reporting.

Lumi is headquartered in Hampshire, UK, where central functions including finance, product development, and marketing are based, but has offices in 13 countries across Europe, APAC, The Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. Highly differentiated in the majority of markets where it is active, it benefits from extremely strong, experienced, and renowned MDs who head up each in-country team.

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The Lumi Story

  1. Michael the Innovator


    Intergraph Prototype 2

    Michael Knowles (IML Founder) invented the first keypad, the Intergraph, that used the BBC computer. This was the first product before Mark and Peter joined Michael and Mandy to form IML.

    Intergraph Prototype
    It could serve a maximum of 12 people using the top of the monitor to display the results. 5 red LEDs on the left and 5 green LEDs on the right would determine the result of the poll.

    Intergraph Prototype 3

  2. IML founded and Launched First Cabled Keypad



    IML was founded on the 15th March 1991 in Haslemere, South West Surrey.

    First Cabled Handset show 2 

    IML produced its first cabled keypad and started running events with 2 shows PCs using stand alone voting software using macros within Excel. It could service a maximum of 200 participants.

    IML pioneered the development and applications of interactive group response systems which allowed audiences to participate within meetings and events.

    First Cabled Handset show


    The first cabled keypad featured:

    4 digit LCD display
    1-9 numeric keyboard
    Legal Vote keys
    Validation of vote using LED indicator

    First Marketing


  3. IML move office


    IML Move to Kings Road Haslemere Shops, Haslemere.

    Kings Road Haslemere


  4. Second Keypad Launched


    Second Handset 6

    When Windows 3.1 launched in 1992, IML shortly followed with a new keypad. Events were varied and the company grew quickly to over 2000 shows annually. The system was scalable and each box powered 120 keypads. The below image is a 800 โ€“ 900 keypad show and 1 op (Mark) had to cable the keypads on to the chairs which often wouldnโ€™t arrive until 2-3 am in the morning with rehearsals at 5.

    Control Desk

    4 digit LCD display
    0-9 numeric keyboard
    Legal Vote keys
    Validation of vote using LED indicator
    Stored Response
    Votemeter dial

  5. Pioneering


    IML Handset in case

    No two days were the same as the team delivered meetings for governments, tech industry giants and TV shows. The passion to make the impossible possible continued to push IML to be pioneers and innovators in the event industry.




  6. Revolutionary



    Mike Knowles on Show in Meeting Venue


    Conference room


  7. First Reseller in Belgium



    Four Points becomes the first resellers of IML abroad.




    New Office

    IML moved to 8 London Road, Liphook.


    10 London road

  8. First Infrared Keypad Launched


    Second Handset 5
    IML continued to innovate moving to Infra Red with patented comms network which was much more portable and less labour intensive.


    4 digit LCD display
    0-9 numeric keyboard
    Legal Vote keys
    Validation of vote using LED indicator
    Stored Response

  9. New Keypad Launched


    Radio handset

    1999 also saw IML push the boundaries of technology producing another device that ran on infrared technology.

    It was revolutionary as IML were the first to develop a qwerty keypad texting with a microphone for the conference industry.

    The keyboard layout could be changed to different country keyboard layouts by inserting a printed plastic template over the original keyboard layout and then updating the software to recognize the new layout.

    0-9 numeric keyboard
    Legal Vote keys
    Validation of vote using LED indicator
    Stored Response
    Login and Flag buttons
    Alpha numeric keyboard
    Larger display to show text input and feedback
    Sliding scale for continuous feedback

  10. Question Wizard Launched


    Original Question Wizard Logo

    Question Wizard interactive authoring software can make any graphics package, such as PowerPoint - interactive. For instant feedback in your presentations, individual scoring in training and testing, anonymous audience response feedback, brainstorming and evaluating priorities, decision making with detailed records and last but not least, quizzes with team and individual leader boards.

    Link to article

  11. Reseller in South Africa



    Adrian Mole, run by Gert Vermaak, becomes a reseller of IML Solutions in South Africa.


    IML (1)


  12. IML Communicator Launched



    A unique, state of the art handheld radio device, fusing advanced audience interaction features with a voice communication system for meetings of all kinds and in all situations.

    Microphone (Dect quality)
    0-9 numeric keyboard
    Stored Response
    Smartcard identification
    Triple key messaging
    Large monochrome LCD display โ€“ Logo Branding, Text input validation of vote and feedback
    Jack sockets for external microphone and headphones
    Phone speaker for receiving audio stream
    Scalable to 9990 keypads

    Link to article

    Ezicomms formed in Sydney

    The company that will become IML AU is formed by Peter Knowles.



  13. First AGM using Meeting Express



    IML deliver the first AGM for Shell using Meeting Express.

    Meeting Express


    First Use of Electronic Handset

    The IML Communicator was used in Belgium and was the first electronic handset to be used for an AGM in this country.




  14. Adrian Mole becomes Audience Alive


    IML reseller, in South Africa, changes their name



  15. Computershare acquire IML


    The IML group was acquired by Computershare, an Australian group, who wanted in-house AGM technology.



    Link to article

  16. First Use of Electronic Handset in HK


    IML Deliver the first electronic handset event for MTR AGM in Hong Kong.



  17. New Offices


    IML opens a new offices in Scotland and Hong Kong.

    IML acquire Eventbookings

    A provider of online event management software and delegate management services.

  18. Acquisitions


    Computershare Ltd. (ASX: CPU) announced today its continued international expansion of IML, a Computershare company, with the acquisition of Machine Dreams Inc.'s business. Under terms of the deal, Computershare will acquire the majority of the assets of Machine Dreams, an audience response specialist and IML distributor. IML is a leading supplier of audience response systems, which bring sophisticated interactive communications and data capture to events and meetings.

    Machine Dreams -- based in Minneapolis and New York -- specializes in cutting-edge audio-visual and event-related multimedia technology. The Machine Dreams business is the most recent expansion for IML, following the acquisitions over the last three months of two other leading providers of audience response services Ezicomms in Australia and Four Points in Belgium.โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹

    MD Logo


  19. New Offices


    MobiTED GmbH changed its name to IML interactive Ltd. mobiTED customers have been able to use the Services and products from IML, the global leader in interactive Event technology, use.


    Link to article


    First electronic voting at AGM in SG

    Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) AGM



  20. IML Connector Previewed



    Richard Taylor previews the IML Connector at Confex. IML, the global leader in interactive event technology, today launches a new audience participation device, the IML Connector. With a variety of features not seen in this marketplace before, the device's capabilities go beyond voting to provide a totally new level of interactive engagement for delegates at events of all types.

    Link to article

    IML Partners with Satellite Visual Communications in the UAE

    Satellite Visual Communication has become the sole Middle East commercial partner of IML, the global audience response services arm of Computershare, providing local product availability and event voting services.


    Link to article

  21. IML Connector & IML Click Launched




    The IML Connector beat four other finalists to win the prestigious AV magazine award for Audio Product of the Year on 30th September at the annual ceremony held at The Hilton, Park Lane. The award recognises IMLโ€™s development from a voting company, to its current complete interaction offering and focus on professional quality sound.




  22. IML Expand in to Latin America


    IML a specialist in the provision of interactive event technology and the global leader in harnessing audience insight, has signed a Channel Partner agreement with Peru-based Stringnet Multimedia System S.A.C. This agreement means IML will have a reseller partner in the growing Latin American market for the first time.

    IML Launches Fundraiser

    IML has successfully launched IML Fundraiser, its next generation electronic fundraising offering. This new product has been used for several fundraising events over recent weeks, helping organizations to raise more than half a million dollars.

    IML Fundraiser features electronic bidding and pledging via IMLโ€™s newest wireless keypad, the IML Connector, as well as on tablets. Its large, full color screen enhances the user experience, displaying easy-to-read item names, descriptions and personalized branding. IML Fundraiser is able to unobtrusively run thousands of bidding devices on the industryโ€™s most reliable system, providing a fast and easy setup and ensuring your event runs smoothly.


    Link to article

    IML Launches Tablet Solution

    IML Tablets are a successful addition to portfolio of award winning audience interaction solutions

    IML Worldwide, a specialist in the provision of interactive event technology and the global leader in harnessing audience insight, has launched a new Tablet solution. This new addition complements the companyโ€™s award-winning suite of
    audience interaction solutions that already enjoy global success at over 2,500 events each year.

    The software and user interface on the new IML Tablet has been designed specifically to maximise audience engagement
    at meetings and events in a rich, manageable way. The interface can be customised for clients to support brand
    awareness, increase messaging strength and boost sponsorship opportunities.



  23. IML rebrands as Lumi



    Audience insight groups Lumi Mobile and IML Worldwide have launched a new brand identity following last yearโ€™s combination of the two businesses. The enlarged company will now be known as Lumi.


    Link to articleโ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹


    Lumi launches Mobile AGM App

    Lumi AGM Mobile prototype is released.


    Link to article


    New Office

    Lumi opens an office in Singapore



    Lumi UK's largest AGM

    3000 keypads at Ibrox Stadium



  24. Lumi acquire IML



    Consumer insight technology business Lumi Mobile has announced the acquisition of Interactive Meetings Limited (IML) from Computershare.


    New Office

    London-based mobile research tech specialist Lumi Mobile has expanded to Asia with the opening of a subsidiary in Hong Kong.




    Lumi partner with QuickMobile

    QuickMobile and Lumi (comprised of IML Worldwide and Lumi Mobile) announced a strategic partnership that brings together the provider of enterprise mobile event technology with the global specialist in consumer insight mobile technology and real-time audience engagement.


    Lumi launches Mobile Survey App


    IML Worldwide, a specialist in the provision of interactive event technology and the global leader in harnessing audience insight has launched an interactive SURVEY app.


    Future 50 First Cohort


    London-based research technology firm Lumi Mobile has been selected as one of the first tech companies to join the government and private sector-backed 'Future Fifty' scheme, set up to support high growth companies in the UK.



  25. Lumi NL delivers first Hybrid AGM



    Lumi, the global leader in real-time audience insight technology, delivered the worldโ€™s first hybrid shareholder meeting software at FloraHollandโ€™s General Membersโ€™ Meeting on June 4 2015. The new solution adds mobile functionality to Lumiโ€™s trusted and widely adopted shareholder meeting software which, since its commercial launch in 2003, has been relied upon by company chairmen to power meetings in 21 countries. As a long-term partner of the worldโ€™s leading registrars and transfer agents, Lumiโ€™s Annual General Meeting (AGM) software is currently employed by 84 of the FTSE 100 and by more than 1,100 global companies, including many household names.



    Confex 15

    Lumi will showcase its event apps and technology as well as discuss industry trends at the 32nd annual International Confex conference, 18-19 February. For the UKโ€™s largest meetings conference, Lumi will share tech trends, exhibit at stand CL39 and sponsor the Technovation Station.

    Lumi after merge

    Link to articleโ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹


    Lumi revolutionises conference management

    Lumi, the leader in real-time audience insight technology and solutions, today announces the launch of Lumi Track. This innovative delegate tracking solution gives meeting and event organisers the ability to check-in attendees, monitor their attendance and generate reports that offer insights into attendee behaviour.



    Lumi partners with Cint to build the worldโ€™s largest, mobile-first panel

    Lumi, the global leader in real-time audience insight technology, today announces that it has formed a strategic partnership with Cint, the global panel marketplace platform provider.

    Lumi Appoints Sir Nigel Knowles as Non-Executive Director

    Lumi, the global leader in real-time audience insight technology, is pleased to announce the appointment of Sir Nigel Knowles as Non-Executive Director.

    Link to article


    Lumi Launches Meetoo

    Meetoo is the first app of its kind to provide real-time polling and messaging in meetings of 1,000 participants or more anywhere in the world, enabling them to communicate, collaborate and make instant decisions. Meetoo can be used in a number of scenarios, including internal meetings, virtual meetings, town halls, training sessions, classroom lectures, corporate meetings and multi-location meetings. Attendees can access Meetoo from any iOS or Android device, or use the mobile web on any web-enabled phone, tablet or computer.

    Link to article

  26. Lumi UK First Virtual AGM



    Lumi AGM Mobile has facilitated the UKโ€™s first electronic AGM held by a listed company. Registrar Equiniti introduced the platform to enable its client, Jimmy Choo PLC, the British luxury brand specialising in shoes and accessories, to make the event accessible to all shareholders, regardless of their location.

    Shareholders located across the globe were able to take part in the electronic meeting, asking questions and voting on resolutions using the AGM Mobile platform. This could be downloaded onto any smartphone or tablet, or reached via a PC browser, with access protected by a secure authentication process. This ensured that only those who traditionally would have been able to enter the physical meeting could access the platform and vote.



    Lumi UK used in Referendum Debate

    Lumi connectors were used by Channel 4 to monitor how the audience responded to each topic during its live EU referendum debate. The audience comprised 50 on each side of the argument and 50 โ€˜donโ€™t knowsโ€™ including an eclectic mix of well-known political faces such as Alan Johnson, Nigel Lawson and Alex Salmond and โ€˜celebsโ€™ such as Delia Smith, Sheila Hancock and Katie Price.

    It wasnโ€™t the first time that Lumi technology has taken centre stage at such a high-profile TV event. Our keypads were used in a similar way before the Scottish referendum and Channel 4 was so pleased with how they added value to the debate that we were asked back last night. The programme makers particularly liked the way the connectors used encrypted digital radio frequency for security and instant reliable results. We also provided the technology behind the โ€˜wormโ€™ of public opinion during the General Election debate last year.


    Link to article




    Lumi UK's largest Membership AGM

    For non listed company


  27. Vespa acquire Lumi



    Vespa Capital is pleased to announce it has backed the management buy out of Lumi AGM. The transaction successfully completed on 4th April 2017. 


    Link to articleโ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹



    Lumi, a global leader in real-time audience insight technology, has today announced the acquisition of Paris-based Digimedia from CACEIS Corporate Trust.



    Link to article


    Voting Partner acquire Lumi DE

    Lumi sold its DE business to competitor Voting Partner who also created Event App Partner.



    New Office

    Lumi moves office in Singapore



    Crystal acquire Lumi UK


    โ€œOn Wednesday January 18th Lumi sold its UK Meetings and Events business, IML Interactive UK, to Crystal Interactive.โ€

    This transaction created the largest event technology company in the UK. Crystal Interactive has pioneered delegate engagement via text based interaction while, over the course of 25 years, IML has become the global market leader in real-time audience engagement technology. The combined company of 35 people will be called Crystal Interactive Meetings and will continue to operate from its two existing locations in London and Hampshire. Its product and service range will span dry hire and the full service delivery of sophisticated voting keypads, through the provision both of event apps on own device and interactive apps on iPads to event consultancy. 

    Link to article

  28. Lumi new partnerships



    Lumi and Company Webcast are pleased to announce a reseller partnership to accelerate the growth of virtual and hybrid AGMโ€™s.  

    Lumi is pleased to announce a new partnership with the NFGD, the Netherlands oldest creative audiovisual company.


    Link to Company Webcast article 

    Link to NFGD article


    New Office

    Lumi, the global leader in the provision of technology to facilitate the smooth running of AGMs, has today announced the launch of Lumi Middle East. This brings the total number of Lumi offices to ten countries.

    Based in the Silicon Oasis free zone in Dubai, Lumi has appointed Yousef Abu Al Qaren as its new regional Managing Director. Yousef and the team have many years of experience in running AGMs in Dubai, and commented โ€œMy team and I are delighted to be joining Lumi. We recognized the huge opportunity to grow in this region and with the years of experience and development that has gone into Lumiโ€™s technology, we can really capitalize on the demand in this market for electronic, hybrid and virtual AGMsโ€.

    Link to articleโ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹



    Serving the Quebec and Ontario meetings industry in particular for over 20 years, Feedback Interactif is renowned for its ability to deliver real time voting, meeting interaction and simultaneous interpretation services.  Andrรฉ Cinq-Mars, founder of Feedback Interactif explained that one of the reasons he chose to join Lumi was that he knew its world-leading technology would only enhance the service he can provide to his clients.


    Link to articleโ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹


  29. Lumi partners with Cvent



    Lumi, the worldโ€™s leading global provider of technology to facilitate the smooth running of AGMs and membership meetings, has further strengthened its client offering with the launch of Connect by Lumi.

    Connect is a fully supported Event Management platform, managing the entire event journey from Pre Event Registration and Planning, Support during the event itself โ€“ including a market-leading event app โ€“ as well as providing a full suite of Post Event Support.

    Lumi collaborate for voting transparency

    Lumi has announced the successful completion of the Elia Group Extraordinary General Meeting on November 8th 2019 as a pilot borne out of a collaboration with themselves and the Citi developed ProxymitySM Platform. As a result of the collaboration the EGM benefitted from features such as voting transparency right through the custodian chain as well as post meeting vote confirmation.

    Lumi SA First Connect by Lumi Event

    Altron Kick Off 2019 is Lumi's first end to end Event Management Event


    Lumi BE First Connect by Lumi Event

    League of Legends registration


    Lumi HK First Hybrid AGM

    CLP AGM with attendance of 2000 split across in room and online


    Lumi ME First Connect by Lumi Event

    REIOS Dubai is Lumi ME's first connect by Lumi Event


    Lumi NL First Connect by Lumi Event

    Hello Future Festival delivered by NL, BE and UK


    ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification

    Lumi achieve ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification

  30. Lumi partners with ICJ


    euglena Co., Ltd, the Japanese microbe business pioneer which has been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange since December 2012, conducted its first virtual AGM last month โ€“ the first to be held since the announcement of a partnership between ICJ and Lumi.

     Over 400 shareholders attended the AGM, and 46 questions were asked. Positive comments relating to the format were received from shareholders, giving further confidence in the virtual meeting format which has already been robustly tested during 2020.



    Arab Bank successfully holds Jordanโ€™s first virtual General Assembly Meeting (GAM)

    Arab Bank, one of the oldest financial institutions in the Arab World, has held the first ever Virtual General Assembly Meeting in Jordan, giving its shareholders the opportunity to remotely attend the GAM.

    With continued restrictions in place to prevent gatherings and public meetings in order to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, the Companies Control Department implemented a range of special measures. These were designed to allow companies to hold their meetings even during the period of enactment of the Defence Law.

    Link to article


    Lumi partners with DNB Bank to deliver Norwayโ€™s First Hybrid AGM

    Cxense ASA made history this month, as the first Norwegian listed organization to hold a hybrid AGM โ€“ where shareholders could attend the meeting in person, or join remotely online.

    Administered by DNB Bank ASA, and powered by Lumi, the AGM had more than twice as many shareholders attending online as they did in person, at the meeting.


    Link to article


    Lumi SA First Virtual AGM

    Lumi SA deliver Alexander Forbes AGM



    Lumi SG First Hybrid Meeting

    Lumi SG deliver International French School






  31. Lumi appointed as exclusive agent for Proxymity in Belgium


     the leading digital investor communications platform, and Lumi, the global leader for AGM technology, have extended their relationship with the deployment of a market first digital connection for 100% of Issuers in Belgium and Luxembourg.

    This move extends the existing partnership between the two organisations who have collaborated successfully to provide improved market efficiency and market communication. To date, over 350 meetings have been announced via the platform reaching shareholders connected to the platform, on average a week earlier than before, as well as safely delivering thousands of real-time votes and proxy instructions to Issuers. 

    Proxymity Logo

    Link to article


    Lumi selected by Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation (TDCC)

    Lumi is proud to announce that it has been selected by Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation (TDCC) as the exclusive platform for hybrid AGMs in the market. 

    Public companies in Taiwan, as with the majority of other markets, were impacted heavily by the pandemic, and all AGMs were suspended. With the first hybrid meeting scheduled for the middle of August, the Lumi platform will provide authenticated access for online shareholders as well as managing the Q&A, with proxy voting being handled by TDCC directly. 

    Link to article


    Fast-growing global tech provider Lumi enriches the in-room shareholder experience with new product

    26th November 2021, Lumi, the global provider of compliant AGM events and member meetings, has acquired Feedback Italiaโ€™s market-leading digital tablet solution to heighten the in-person meeting experience for attendees. The new tablet offering and associated IP will boost the on-premise capabilities of Lumiโ€™s platform, synchronising verification details and streamlining meeting elements such as registration.  

    Link to article


    Lumi Global acts as technology partner for Samsung Electronics

    At Samsung Electronics' 2021 Annual General Meeting, the tech giant invited shareholders from around the world to tune in. We were thrilled to work with both Danim and Samsung Electronics to host such a successful and high-profile event. The AGM is of particular significance regionally, as this meeting marked the first time that a Korean corporation utilized an electronic voting solution during a shareholder meeting.

    Link to article

  32. Lumi opens Lumi Italy


    Lumi, the global leader in the provision of technology and services to facilitate the smooth running of 
    AGMs, has today announced the opening of Lumi Italy, headquartered in Milan. This brings the total number of Lumi offices to twelve countries. The expansion into Italy widens Lumiโ€™s European footprint and will act as the gateway to further anticipated growth across the region.

    Lumi Horizontal Logo-website_LUMI logo- slategrey

    Link to article.

    Vespa Capital announces recapitalization of Lumi

    Vespa Capital is delighted to announce the successful recapitalisation of Lumi, underlining its ongoing commitment to the meeting technology platform.

    Following the original investment by Vespa Capital in 2017, Lumi has experienced extraordinary growth and is widely recognised as the leading global provider of AGM meeting technology. In 2021 alone, Lumi serviced over 4,000 meetings worldwide, in 40 markets, supporting the worldโ€™s largest corporations and associations to manage the shift to virtual and hybrid meeting technologies. Lumiโ€™s technology enables shareholders and members to participate in meetings virtually and its rapid adoption has resulted in significant environmental and governance benefits globally.

    The recapitalisation led by Vespa Capital is supported by Investec Growth & Leverage Finance as well as reinvestment by Lumiโ€™s wider management team. The investment will also provide additional funding to enable Lumi to build on its dominant market position and continue to drive international growth.


    Link to article

    Sociรฉtรฉ Gรฉnรฉrale Securities Services Partnership

    Sociรฉtรฉ Gรฉnรฉrale Securities Services (SGSS) and Lumi have signed a partnership to ensure the continued provision of the tablet voting devices, alongside the introduction of new remote participation options for General Meetings in France.


    Link to article

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