Real-time weighted voting

Real time, instantaneous results speed up the entire voting process, no matter the size or complexity of your resolution, motion or election protocols. This means more time for members to interact and debate important issues.

Interactive Q&A


A microphone built into the e-voting keypad along with our queuing software provides a platform for delegates to join a line and to speak in turn. In addition, via the Mobile Voting application, members can ask their questions to the board which is moderated through a secure online dashboard. 


Webcast and slides

In addition to instant polling, virtual attendees can also view meeting slides, listen to audio and watch live video through the app.

Interactive Q&A

Member Registration

Whether remote or in a physical location, Lumi provides fast, accurate registration and authentication for members that have weighted voting or are representing others in a 3rd Party Proxy or Corporate Representative capacity.


Reports and auditing

From quorum count, to attendance registrations through to results, a variety of reports and a full audit trail are produced instantly, giving a complete and transparent record of the meeting.


Secure and accurate

Whether it’s a 10-person member meeting or a 10,000 person national election, Lumi’s unique, encrypted technology can facilitate both physical and remote meetings – or a hybrid of both – and has been proven 100% secure and accurate. 

Who else is using Lumi?