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Key technologies shaping the 2024 AGM season

Evolving beyond a routine gathering of shareholders, technology is redefining the AGM experience in 2024.

In this blog we’ll delve into three core pieces of Lumi technology that will shape AGMs this year and how they can facilitate a higher level of engagement, transparency and accessibility for shareholders and organisations alike.

Q&A Technology: Elevating Debates

Transparency and shareholder engagement continues to take centre stage, with the likes of Norges Bank calling for greater transparency around ESG methodologies and processes. Q&A technology remains a pivotal tool for facilitating meaningful dialogue with stakeholders around these topics and to address concerns.

Amid high-stakes debates, this technology allows shareholders to pose questions directly to the board, creating an interactive and inclusive environment.

Q&A technology not only facilitates real-time responses but also encourages a more informed and engaged investor community.

Incorporating this technology reflects a commitment to open communication and the recognition that shareholder input is integral to informed decision-making.

Broadcast Technology: Immersive Experiences

In the era of digital transformation, AGMs have grown beyond the traditional boardroom setting towards captivating and immersive experiences.

From high-quality live streaming to enhanced audio-visual presentations, companies are leveraging broadcast technology to engage shareholders in a more compelling manner.

Embracing the 'show-like' aspect of their meetings not only enhances the overall experience for attendees but also broadens the reach to a global audience.

As AGMs become more visually engaging, companies can embrace innovative ways to convey their narratives and achievements, creating a lasting impact on shareholders.

Hybrid Technology: Broadening Access and Participation

Recognizing the need for flexibility and inclusivity, hybrid meeting technology is gaining prominence for the 2024 AGM season.

Companies are leveraging a combination of in-person and virtual elements to maximize accessibility for shareholders. Whether attending physically or joining remotely, shareholders can actively participate through a seamless integration of hybrid technology.

The ability to engage electronically promotes a more democratic and accessible AGM that not only accommodates diverse preferences but also addresses logistical challenges, enabling broader shareholder participation.

Allowing this breakdown of geographical barriers, hybrid technology engages an inclusive and globally connected shareholder community.

As technology continues to be integrated, the AGM experience in 2024 is set to become more dynamic, reflective, and participatory than ever before.