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4 ways that we keep your meeting secure

Due to the potentially sensitive nature of an AGM, maintaining tight security is critical in ensuring all shareholders can comfortably have their say. At Lumi, we continue to innovate to ensure the highest possible standards of security, offering our clients confidence and protection during the most important business event of their calendar year.

Thanks to the transparency of our teams and our tightly controlled data streams and storage, many of our clients have opted to work with us directly when sharing sensitive data. In feedback from a recent satisfaction survey, one client admitted they: ‘had less visibility over how shareholder data was being stored when working through a registrar.’ This is a trend we are seeing across the board, as more of our clients look to trim process and enhance transparency and trust. By working with Lumi, we are able to communicate with them about security matters, data and GDPR directly, without costly middle men.

So, what do we do?

Data Protection

Protection of shareholder data is of paramount importance to the Lumi team, and we have implemented a comprehensive security framework to protect data confidentiality and integrity. Aligning to GDPR obligations and data sovereignty requirements, Lumi securely transmits data and creates a dedicated and segregated database for each meeting. This data is then further protected by the implementation of best-practice encryption.

Lumi excels in data management. We enforce the highest standards of access management and control of your data, so that you can trust that your data is processed in accordance with the strictest global legislative requirements and be confident of its security.

Availability and Distributed Denial-of-Service Protection

To ensure your meeting isn’t vulnerable to targeted denial-of-service attacks, we deploy the latest technology to safeguard your meeting and block any unusual network traffic, ensuring your shareholders can continue to participate and place those critical votes with no disruption.

Lumi hosts AGM voting on the secure and resilient Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centre in multiple global locations, each jurisdiction selected to meet regional data privacy requirements. Within each region, we take full advantage of Amazon’s infrastructure to maximize the availability of the Lumi platform, to ensure your meeting will always go ahead.

Third-Party Security Assessments

In 2021 alone, nine comprehensive security penetration tests were conducted by six different independent security third parties against Lumi’s highly-secure global voting platform.

In addition, Lumi has implemented Qualys - an industry-leading automated vulnerability platform to conduct periodic and on-demand security assessments and code reviews against OWASP standards, to ensure the security posture of our coding is maintained to the highest level. Continuous security validation provides our clients and their stakeholders the assurance that Lumi places the security of their data at the very heart of our solution design and development.


We have developed a comprehensive audit and reporting suite that allows for the voting activity conducted via the Lumi platform to be validated and verified, giving you full confidence that the results are complete and accurate. Post-meeting results are supported by comprehensive logs to verify the calculations for both quorum and voting. We work collaboratively with a wide range of client-appointed auditors and scrutineers to regularly assess and review the end-to-end process of registration, pre-voting, live voting, and post-meeting report consolidation.

And, who have we done it for?

We work with global companies both in the listed and non-listed worlds. To ensure that our platform is suitable for all clients from all kinds of organizations, we consistently and rigorously test the security of our platform.

We have received positive security reviews from almost 50 organizations worldwide, which range from banks, law firms, airlines, and faith institutions. These companies have expressed delight in the way their data is handled and kept secure by the Lumi team.