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Channel 4 referendum debate uses Lumi

Lumi at the Heart of the Debate – on Live TV

What more could we ask for? When Lumi technology was chosen to measure the very pulse of the nation on the eve of the referendum, the excitement was enough to make us forget about leave or remain all together – or for 90 minutes at least.

Without asking we had celebrity, sportsperson and politician endorsement all in front of our eyes. And on live TV too – with our ‘gadgets’ introduced and explained by Jeremy Paxman himself.

Lumi connectors were used by Channel 4 to monitor how the audience responded to each topic during its live EU referendum debate. The audience comprised 50 on each side of the argument and 50 ‘don’t knows’ including an eclectic mix of well-known political faces such as Alan Johnson, Nigel Lawson and Alex Salmond and ‘celebs’ such as Delia Smith, Sheila Hancock and Katie Price.

It wasn’t the first time that Lumi technology has taken centre stage at such a high-profile TV event. Our keypads were used in a similar way before the Scottish referendum and Channel 4 was so pleased with how they added value to the debate that we were asked back last night. The programme makers particularly liked the way the connectors used encrypted digital radio frequency for security and instant reliable results. We also provided the technology behind the ‘worm’ of public opinion during the General Election debate last year.

We must be the only ones in the country wishing that this referendum build up could have gone on a few more weeks with more televised debates, discussions and polls.