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Join in with the Festive Fun: Christmas Quiz and Celebrations

It has been a busy year for all our offices across the globe and we have had some great highlights, such as facilitating theUK’s first electronic AGM held by Jimmy Choo, working with Microsoft to open ourMeetoo PowerPoint add-infor all users and evenwinning an awardat the Event Technology Awards!

Both the Lumi and Meetoo teams have worked incredibly hard over 2016. So, what better way to reflect on a successful year with some Christmas fun!

In the Netherlands, we have been delivering gifts to Lumi clients throughout the past weeks with a message in line with the Sinterklaas tradition. Sinterklaas is a Dutch tradition where during the first week of December everybody in the Netherlands is eating peppernuts and chocolate letters, writing poems, and singing songs in front of the chimney.

Why would the Dutch do such a thing?

Sinterklaas is a mythical figure that arrives in the Netherlands by boat, together with his helpers (Pieten) and his horse (Amerigo). During the last weeks of November until the 5thof December, children put their shoes in front of the chimney and sing songs for Sinterklaas. They often make drawings or poems for him, and together with a carrot for his horse, they hope that Sinterklaas puts a gift in their shoes.

In line with the Sinterklaas tradition, we wrote a small poem and attached this to a jute bag with some chocolate and peppernuts to surprise our customers.

Here’s a poem that we wrote for one of our UK clients:

“Hear the wind over rooftops humming

In the chimney hear it blow 

Sinterklaas, he will be coming

To give you a mug with Lumi’s new logo”.

On the 6th of December, we said goodbye to Sinterklaas and we can’t wait to see him again next year. For now, we still have a bunch of peppernuts to finish at the Dutch office before it begins to look a lot like Christmas.

Do you want to have some festive fun and see how much you know about Christmas?

Well, we have a Christmas quiz that you can enjoy with your teams and colleagues. You just need a Meetoo account and to download the quiz here. Each participant needs to download the Meetoo app, so, if you don’t have an account already sign up for a free Meetoo account here.