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Campaign Effectiveness: Targeting Consumers on the Move


Millward Brown’s client, a multinational alcoholic beverage company, was looking to measure consumer responses to the brands outdoor and digital activity within four specific regions in London.

Besides the challenge of targeting specific consumers within the four geographic locations, Millward Brown also needed to find a large enough sample and a way to appropriately trigger the surveys.


It was with the help of Lightspeed’s sample and their mobile app, powered by Lumi, that Millward Brown was able to accurately target consumers on their mobile devices.

With a project that lasted 7 to 8 weeks, Lightspeed was able to make use of the geo-triggering capabilities of the app to trigger the surveys to respondents who were in the pre-determined regions. As a panelist entered a region within London, a survey would be triggered, presenting a notification to participate in the survey. With proper geo-location, Millward Brown could be sure that the panelist was within the specified region and provide accurate data to their client on the campaign.


By leveraging Lumi Say’s powerful geo-triggering capabilities, Millward Brown was able to successfully survey consumers within the four specific regions in London.  Millward Brown is looking to continue working with Lightspeed. They plan to make use of Lumi Say to develop a specialist geo-trigger panel for future studies, as well as provide innovative ways to engage the panel.