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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Hybrid Meetings: What, Why, and How

Whether you’re preparing for your first hybrid meeting or simply exploring the options available, it’s important to know what to expect. 

Here, we share answers to some of the most common questions we’re asked about hybrid AGMs.  

Q: What is a hybrid AGM?  

A: Hybrid AGMs combine the best elements from a traditional face-to-face meeting and virtual, digital-only AGMs. In seamlessly blending remote and physical meeting rooms, a hybrid meeting offers flexibility for attendees and opens up the possibility for higher attendance and engagement.  

Q: Are hybrid and virtual AGMs the future? 

A: They’re not just the future – they are the now. Since the pandemic, the increase in hybrid and virtual meetings has skyrocketed and this meeting format isn’t likely to disappear any time soon. With more meetings going hybrid in 2022, Lumi also saw the number of shareholders attending meetings increase by 12% on average compared to 2021, and engagement grew by nearly a quarter (24%).  

Intuitive technologies, such as the Lumi platform, are making it simpler than ever for shareholders to access and engage with the board at meetings, and for board members to share key updates, disseminate documents and answer questions from the audience.  

Q: Are hybrid meetings secure? 

A: Yes - just like a physical entry to an AGM, virtual entry to an AGM is tightly controlled with various measures in place to keep them secure. Protocols like single sign-on methods, shareholder verification, unique Meeting ID authentication, and personalised login credentials all help to ensure that only those with the rights to join the meeting are given access. Additionally, Lumi’s patented technology is regularly tested by third parties and has been proven to be accurate and secure. 

Q: Aren’t hybrid and virtual AGMs much more costly? 

A: A range of factors can affect the price of your AGM, but an online presence could actually reduce your overall costs. For example, a hybrid meeting may enable a reduction in the size of venue, refreshments and even the time taken to deliver the AGM.  

Q: How does Lumi integrate the online and in-room experience for shareholders? 

A: The key to any successful hybrid meeting is implementing technology that creates accessibility and parity. The Lumi platform brings together in-room and virtual attendees in a single meeting platform. For virtual attendees, all documents and broadcast streams are available to access within the platform, and physical attendees will be able to watch the board discussion in person and read documents physically. This ensures meetings are as inclusive as possible and remote shareholders have the same experience as any in-room participants. 

For everything you need to know about hybrid AGMs, download our Ultimate Guide to Virtual and Hybrid Meetings.