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What are the benefits of holding a hybrid annual general meeting?

A hybrid annual general meeting (AGM) is a type of meeting that combines both in-person and virtual elements. It allows some attendees to physically attend the AGM at a designated location, while others can participate remotely through online platforms. Hybrid AGMs allows for a more flexible and inclusive way for shareholders and other stakeholders to participate in the meeting, regardless of their location. They can also help to reduce costs and the environmental impact associated with travel.

There are several benefits to holding a hybrid annual general meeting:

Flexibility: Hybrid AGMs allow attendees to participate in the meeting either in-person or remotely, which can be more convenient for those who cannot physically attend the meeting due to distance or other commitments.

Inclusivity: Hybrid AGMs allows a wider range of stakeholders to participate in the meeting, regardless of location. This can be particularly important for shareholders who live far from the company's headquarters or who may have mobility issues.

Cost savings: Hybrid AGMs can help reduce travel and accommodation costs for attendees.

Environmental benefits: Hybrid AGMs can also help to reduce the environmental impact of meetings, as attendees who would normally need to travel can participate remotely instead.

Increased participation: Hybrid AGMs may also result in increased participation from attendees, who can participate remotely if they prefer.

Improved communication: Hybrid AGMs can facilitate better communication between attendees, as online platforms often have tools for real-time messaging and Q&A sessions.

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