Real-time weighted voting

As live votes are cast they are counted, added to any proxy votes and the results are available to display instantly.


Any size, anywhere...

Certified voting, Q&A, content and webcast access can now be taken beyond the meeting room in addition to streamlining processes within the physical meeting.


Reports and auditing

From registrations through to results a variety of reports and a full audit trail are produced automatically, giving a complete and transparent record of the meeting.



With a range of voting platforms and the option of experienced on site technicians, Lumi can develop a solution that’s right for your event – whatever the size.


Managed Q&A

Questions can be submitted in text form through both the app and keypads. These questions can be moderated and published to the chairperson and/or meeting attendees.


Webcast and slides

In addition to instant polling, virtual attendees can also view meeting slides, audio and live video through the app.



Lumi's technology runs on a secure dedicated network or via encrypted cloud based servers in a choice of locations for mobile and hybrid meetings.



Lumi apps and technology can be tailored to you or your client’s meetings with branded elements such as logos and colors.




The app can be accessed from any internet enabled device. It’s free for attendees and can be used at multiple meetings.

Attendees are authenticated by entering their unique credentials. Once logged in they can access meeting content via a home screen that can be customized to match the organization’s brand.

Participants can submit questions through the app, and these questions can be moderated and published to the Chair and/or meeting attendees.

Once a poll is opened the app will instantly and dynamically present the item and its voting options on attendees’ device screens.


Response Handsets

Lumi offers an electronic system that streamlines the voting process.

Attendees casting votes are provided with handsets and smartcards at registration that link voting rights to their shareholding. Votes are cast through our keypads and recorded instantly and accurately with results available within seconds of the close of the polls.

All resolutions are available to vote on during the meeting, voters simply select a poll and then press a keypad button to vote for, against or abstain. All revocations and any directions for proxies are automatically cast by the software.

The handsets have an integrated microphone and a speaker queueing system provides the chairperson control of the meeting and maximizes debate time.

Peter Harf, Chairman of Jimmy Choo PLC

‘We are very pleased with the outcome of this process, which achieved its aim of broadening shareholder access to our AGM in the most convenient way possible. This was in good part due to our technology partner’s innovative approach to modernizing the traditional AGM.’

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