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Discover the latest in Q&A management

Transparency, security and reliability lie at the heart of every Lumi meeting. Trusted by organizations across the globe, Lumi is the world-leading provider of meeting technology, and we pride ourselves on delivering seamless meeting experiences through a robustly tested platform. In 2020 alone, the Lumi platform fielded over 56,000 questions and connected over 300,000 shareholders to their individual meetings.

With the increasing prevalence of hybrid and virtual meetings, our clients often raise concerns about how to manage an effective Q&A session, without the meeting losing momentum. Whilst you may feel as though you are relinquishing control of your meeting by opening up a Q&A portal to your global shareholder base, the Lumi platform allows you to manage, moderate and group questions quickly and easily, so you can address the issues that matter without anything getting lost in translation.  

From a shareholder perspective,  there have been some concerns raised that a virtual platform allows board members to evade tough questions, a Lumi meeting facilitates total transparency, thanks to our comprehensive reporting post-meeting where we can provide a full transcript of questions.

To assist in the development of our platform, we have collated feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, and we wanted to share the latest innovations to the Lumi platform to help you to streamline the Q&A process further, and create meaningful opportunities for discourse between your board and shareholder base.

Watch our video to find out more about the Q&A process, and the journey of a question in a shareholder meeting.