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The impact of a well-managed Q&A

The Q&A session at an AGM can present a range of opportunities for organizers. This is a fantastic moment to answer the questions from your stakeholders, address important stakeholder groups, discuss key topics and provide insight into the workings of your business. Whilst free-flowing discourse is important, maintaining the structure of your meeting is essential - if a Q&A session is not well-managed, it can disrupt the flow of the meeting, causing participants to feel less engaged. As a result, keeping Q&A planning at the forefront of your AGM preparation will ensure a cohesive and smooth-running meeting.

With the ongoing rise in digitalization, organizations have had to think more creatively about how to communicate with stakeholders in an engaging way, without the lure of interesting venues or face to face networking to encourage attendance. Another crucial consideration has been accessibility - to ensure all stakeholders, irrespective of digital literacy, to be able to access the meeting, and ask questions without barrier.

At Lumi, we champion simplicity. That’s why we’ve made Q&A simple and straightforward for both AGM organizers, and meeting attendees. Our innovative technology consolidates physical meeting rooms with digital meeting spaces, into a single meeting, safeguarding the integrity of your meeting. When it comes to Q&A, this means that both in-person and remote participants have parity, and can ask questions easily.

So, how do we manage Q&A at your meeting?

  1. A question arrives in the platform for the moderator to see, where it is reviewed and vetted for language and relevance
  2. The questions are sorted into categories and displayed for the Chairman of the meeting to see and answer accordingly
  3. The shareholder also then has access to view the questions of a similar topic

Audio questions can also be taken if a participant wishes to dial into the meeting and ask a question verbally. Please see our virtual microphone blog for more information on this. During a hybrid meeting, online questions can be alternated with ones from the room. With the efficient Lumi platform, any questions that are not answered during the meeting are saved and can be dealt with post-AGM. This feature guarantees that all shareholders’ voices and questions are heard, and answered.

At the end of a meeting, questions and answers can be collated, downloaded, and published, displaying a high level of transparency to your shareholder base. By significantly increasing shareholder confidence this way, further engagement is promoted in future meetings.

New platform features

Lumi has recently implemented new messaging features to make it simpler than ever for boards and shareholders to have two-way communication.

Our latest messaging update now allows for direct responses to shareholder questions, as opposed to sharing the answer with the all of the participants of the meeting. This not only enables questions to be answered at any time during the meeting by the moderator, but personalises the experience for the shareholder. The new update allows the moderator to edit inbound messages and compose a ‘suggested response’, which could aid the Chair in giving a more concise and accurate reply. Both of these features save time during your meeting, and make for a much smoother experience for your shareholders.

With Lumi’s simple and secure platform, as well as the expert support from our technical team, we can ensure that you will be in complete control of your Q&A at your next AGM.