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Voting Technology - what's the point?

Now that many meetings are held using a hybrid or virtual format, and organizations are less reliant on traditional paper votes, the requirement for efficient voting technology has increased. Substituting the paper ballot for the online alternative means that the voting process is much more transparent, where the results of the votes can be displayed instantaneously to the attendees of the meeting. The vote counting process is also much quicker, which means more time can be spent on the business of the meeting.

Investing in voting technology means that your results are more accurate, as well as being much easier to track and analyze. When a meeting is hybrid, this also means that virtual and in-person attendees’ votes are counted in the same way, avoiding confusion when analyzing the results. Additionally, Lumi’s patented technology means that votes are counted in a way that reflects the share value weightings of your individual investors.

To be counted in quorum, attendees must have the ability to vote and voice their opinions within the AGM, for many organizations sending a written message to the meeting is not sufficient to count as a legal participant at the meeting. Therefore, voting technology is crucial for attendees joining virtually to have the ability to have their say at the meeting. Online voting maximises the number of possible of votes at the AGM, showcasing a more balanced opinion from your shareholder base.

With Lumi’s secure authentication protocols, it also means that only shareholders legally able to vote are allowed to have their say.

What are your options?

Electronic voting is designed for organizations hosting in-person meetings, as well as digital meetings. Kiosk voting allows in-person attendees to visit a kiosk at the meeting and vote in their own time, at their own pace. As well as saving money on paper polling, this method creates an instantaneous voting report that can be viewed by organizers. Lumi’s kiosk solution is extremely easy to use, maximising shareholder participation and engagement at the meeting. For more information on kiosk voting, watch this video.

Your organization also has the option for Lumi to provide your attendees with dedicated handsets at in-person events, where attendees can cast their vote on a handheld device.

With Lumi’s Virtual AGM technology, and bring your own device compatibility, shareholders can log into the meeting from their own device from any location and vote electronically. Not limiting the voting ability to a certain location is important in getting a more well-rounded view and voice from your shareholders. Therefore, investing in this technology significantly increases engagement from a more varied group of participants.

To read more information on polling within the Lumi platform, visit our support page.

What have our clients said?

Our client, World Sailing, has recently delivered their Annual Conference with Lumi, and spoke to us on their smooth transition to virtual voting. They expressed delight in the high level of communication to members prior to the meeting, ensuring the voting procedures and meeting schedule was clear before they joined. The support from the Lumi team also meant that they felt assured that the voting was being managed securely and accurately.

Read more client testimonials on our website.

Whether your organization is planning to host your AGM virtually, in-person, or a mixture of both using a hybrid format, there are options using Lumi’s efficient voting technology that will suit your meeting’s requirements.