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What influences your organization’s decisions when purchasing voting technology?

There can be a wide range of factors that your organization has to consider when purchasing voting technology and selecting a technology partner; from maintaining confidentiality, sensitively handling votes of interest, digitizing proxy voting and enfranchising investors, it’s important to consider your voting requirements holistically when investing in a technology partner.

Here are a few topics to think about when deciding:


Delivering a successful hybrid meeting requires a secure, reliable digital meeting room through which all attendees can fully participate.

Lumi’s patented technology ensures data is protected, and confidentiality is maintained bringing together participants from both physical and remote meeting rooms . Preventing unauthorised guests from entering the meeting, Lumi’s market-leading platform ensures that only those with the correct authorization can join the meeting and vote on items of business without the fear of unwanted activism looming over organizers.

Our sophisticated encrypted network alongside rigorous testing and continuous security validation provides our clients with the assurance that we keep security of the meeting at the core.


Over the past two years, the business world has been plunged into rapid and total digital transformation. As a result, delivering seamless virtual and hybrid Annual meetings has become a key focus. Making AGMs fully accessible to various types of shareholder, is essential to allow all of their voices to be heard, especially with the ongoing change in shareholder demographic as younger people turn to investing.

At Lumi, we keep accessibility at the centre of what we do. By providing a single point of entry to your AGM, available to enter using any device, from anywhere in the world more stakeholders can access the meeting than ever before. To ensure no one is blockaded from entering the meeting, our platform accounts for a range of technical abilities. Simple and straightforward to use, our platform can be accessed via web portal or app ensuring that there’s no need to upskill or educate your shareholder base.

Technical Support

Lumi’s expert team will be providing support throughout the entire process of planning and delivering your AGM, including assistance post-meeting, with shareholder engagement meetings and results presentations.


Shareholders now expect to be able to join an AGM online, and 82% organizations have agreed that virtual meetings are better attended than traditional face-to-face AGMs A hybrid meeting allows shareholders to choose between physically attending the meeting or joining online. Improving the flexibility of your meeting, a hybrid AGM can still voice their opinions even when the AGM is held overseas. Read our Hybrid AGM blog for more information on how Lumi blend the in-room and online meeting experience, in order to maximize shareholder engagement.


Working with a wide variety of clients from membership organizations, PLCs and International Associations, from 45+ countries around the world, has allowed Lumi to collate a bank of testimonials, showcasing the positive feedback that we have received after they have worked with us to deliver their AGMs.


There are many factors that affect the price of the voting technology required, depending on whether your organization decides to host your AGM virtually, in-person, or hybrid. With in-person options ranging from kiosk voting to designated handsets, and online voting options for virtual attendees, the price can differ significantly. For more information on how much a hybrid or virtual AGM costs, read our blog.

There are many considerations your organization must take when purchasing voting technology, and it’s important to know the benefits of your investment. Click here to understand how voting technology can enhance your AGM and maximise engagement from your shareholder base.