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Sporting Federations are onto a winner with Lumi

Annual General Meeting

With both the Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games already done and dusted and the World Cup in Russia appearing over the horizon, 2018 is jam-packed with sporting events. A great chance then, for us to reflect on the work we’ve been doing with many sporting associations and federations over the past few years.

We’ve been running shareholder and member meetings across different regions and markets for more than 15 years. Over this period, we’ve been working hard to develop and evolve our suite of electronic voting devices and mobile apps - all with the aim of improving efficiency, reducing costs and simplify the voting process. It was this know-how and expertise that drew us to the attention of a number of sporting federations.

While these associations all have different needs - whether they were looking to elect new executive members, choosing host venues or simply voting on procedural matters - there are three key factors where Lumi’s technology can make the difference to these sporting bodies:


Every federation or membership body we work with are subject to their own legislative requirements, something that can vary wildly from one association to the next. For one particular body, the transparency of the voting process was of the upmost importance. They wanted to see exactly how every vote was cast, and then display the results to everybody present as quickly as possible. On the flip side, another organization placed huge importance on the anonymity of their voting process. Under no circumstances could members know how other members voted, and rather than displaying the results these were securely printed, tallied and scrutineered by a panel of three people.

While a more typical scenario falls somewhere in the middle, these examples of the two extremes demonstrate Lumi’s capability to adapt our software and technology to whatever the situation dictates.


You may have gathered from the previous examples - security is of paramount importance to any of the sporting associations we work with. As you would expect, it’s not an area we take lightly; Lumi’s technology is penetration tested and certified and has been proven 100% secure and accurate.

However a federation’s voting takes place, be it remotely or in a physical location, our unique technology runs using a secure, fully encrypted proprietary network. The proprietary network established is automatically monitored throughout and provides invaluable insight to ensure a clean network is created and maintained. Furthermore, it relies on no other infrastructure for added peace of mind.

On top of that, everything can be instantly audited, right down to a single keystroke or button press by a particular member, giving a complete record of the meeting.


Lumi is used and trusted by listed organizations around the world, and with close to 20 years of experience running shareholder and member meetings, we’re on hand to offer unrivalled support. And when we say on hand, we really mean it, with technicians, product managers and even Lumi’s R&D team available for on-site delivery and support to ensure the smooth running of meetings.

All of these come together to create a gold medal-winning combination for sporting bodies, federation and associations around the world, ensuring organizers are free to focus on what really matters - making sure every vote counts and every voice is heard.

Whether you’re looking to make your next annual meeting more secure or simply want to streamline the voting process, Lumi will have a solution to help. Please get in touch and discover how we could help evolve your next annual meeting.


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