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Lumi helps the CII run their first-ever hybrid AGM

The Chartered Insurance Institute is a membership organisation that is dedicated to building public trust in the insurance and financial planning profession. With more than 125,000 members globally, the CII’s membership base is made up of passionate advocates who care deeply about the organisation and its work. With transparency so integral to their practice, the CII’s AGM is a key component to the running of the organisation.

The CII’s AGM acts as a forum for members to exchange ideas and ask questions about the future of the organisation, and in 2022 there was a range of topics up for discussion, including qualifications, diversity, and future strategic vision. As such, the CII enlisted Lumi to help facilitate their first-ever hybrid AGM. The central goal was to engineer an event that was accessible to all members, but that adhered to their guidelines as an organisation.

The challenge – Putting accessibility front and centre for the CII’s first ever hybrid AGM

As the dust from the pandemic settled in 2022, the CII were keen to hold their AGM in person, returning to London’s Insurance Hall – a building steeped in the organisation’s history. Alongside this, there was also a drive to make the event accessible to as many members as possible, so the decision was made to host a hybrid AGM. This made it possible for a greater number of members to attend, both in person and remotely via video link, and achieved the aim of encouraging a broader representation of members to take part.

As the CII had never run an AGM with a hybrid format before, the challenge lay in ensuring that both remote and in person attendees remained engaged at all times during the event. Guaranteeing that all attendees were properly informed about voting procedures depending on their remote or in person status, as well as facilitating members to ask questions during the Q&A section of the AGM were also high priorities for the Lumi team.

The solution – Making the most of Lumi’s technology

As accessibility was a central objective of the CII’s 2022 AGM, Lumi took a digital-first approach to delivering the meeting. When it came to the voting system for the event, Lumi supported organisation members with our transparent electronic voting system which enabled pre-voting, as well as proxy voting if they weren’t able to attend on the day. Voting keypads were also supplied in the venue, in place of attendees using their own devices to vote. The aim of this was to give members peace of mind that their votes had been counted. The CII also supported attendees to paper vote.

When it came to the members Q&A, Lumi’s robust Q&A technology made it possible for members to submit questions online in advance and also during the session. Questions were also fielded from remote attendees during the session. There was an impressive 79 questions submitted from online attendees, on top of those asked by in-room participants.

The results - Increased online engagement and positive feedback

Thanks to Lumi, the CII’s first hybrid AGM was a success. The organisation reported a notable increase in engagement, thanks to the ability to allow members to join both online and in the room. As far as the numbers go, the CII’s 2022 AGM was attended by members from 10 different countries, with 340 voting members online and 66 in the room.

Overall, the feedback from the members of the CII has been ‘phenomenal’, with many reporting that while they were pleased that the AGM took place on location once more, they felt that the level of accessibility of the event was high due to the virtual components, which was made possible by the hybrid format.  

“It was great to work with a team that can catch a curveball and a company that can help us deliver an AGM that our members truly deserve.” - Giorgia Cowan, Corporate Governance Manager, Chartered Institute of Insurance