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Six Degrees Medical Trains over 3,000 Sales Reps throughout 78 Rooms


Six Degrees Medical sought a unique solution for its premier pharmaceutical client holding a medical sales training meeting. The pharma client was investing in bringing over 3,000 of its best and brightest sales reps to the meeting, who needed to learn, understand, and retain vital information about a new drug.

The criteria for a solution was a tall order – it needed to: ensure the training sessions and their results were fast, reliable and secure; measure attendee learning; run seamlessly with the over 3,000 attendees; and function across the three hotels which were over 1.5 miles from one another. With these criteria testing the limits of achievability, Six Degrees approached Lumi to consult on how its solutions could meet their highly complex needs during the medical sales training meeting and the two preparatory ‘Train the Trainer’ meetings before-hand.


The first ‘Train the Trainer’ meeting was held two months prior to the medical sales training meeting and was made up of approximately 50 high-level executives who would become facilitators for the next meeting. These participants were trained on the content, tested out and improved upon their planned questions, as well as familiarized themselves with the IML Connectors’ functionality. The second ‘Train the Trainer’ meeting was held one month prior and included 450 participants who would go on to be facilitators at the medical sales training meeting. During this meeting, they further refined questions using the IML Connectors’ microphone and messaging capabilities, even pushing the messages received to the production staff’s and presenters’ business iPads to discuss.

In the meantime, the Lumi team was preparing and testing the three hotels where the medical sales training meeting would be held. With the hotels spread over 1.5 miles and competing with dense urban wi-fi networks, Lumi connected the three hotels with internet run through a VPN connection, ensuring everything was secure. The 78 breakout rooms throughout all 3 hotels were mapped out, detailing which base station the IML Connectors in those rooms would connect to – all of which were patched through the Internet to the central control room. Backup systems were devised and tested at each step of the behind-the-scenes process, including laptops, routers, VPN points and servers, guaranteeing that if one thing went wrong, it could be fixed immediately and other aspects of the system would not fail as a result.

When the medical sales training meeting began, the sales reps were each assigned to one of 78 rooms, of approximately 40 people each. The central control room broadcast content to each room where a facilitator and a moderator aided in its delivery. Attendees viewed the content on screen and participated by answering questions with the polling and messaging functions of their devices. The results from all three hotels combined were displayed instantly on-screen in each room. Instead of relocating when the breakout sessions began, everyone was able to stay in their room and participate in the group work that was better suited to smaller numbers. Pre-tests, post-tests and PIN numbers were used to track responses, reward high-scorers with prizes and measure collective learning.


The two preparatory meetings allowed maximum insight to be gained from the medical sales training meeting, as the questions had been well refined and adapted for the meeting. Through the use of pre and post-tests, the client was able to measure overall learning and gauge the meeting’s success. Using PINs to tie individuals to their responses also allowed managers to follow up with specific sales representatives if necessary. The event ran smoothly with Lumi’s impressive solutions meeting and surpassing Six Degrees’ expectations, leading to a successful event for all parties involved.