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Vodafone Collects In-the-Moment Insight on New Year’s Eve


Vodafone were embarking on a journey to better understand how consumers perceive their brand. They recently terminated their sponsorship of Formula One to focus their marketing campaigns on brand engagement, rather than brand awareness. Vodafone framed this change around a “World of Firsts,” their innovative and creative approach aiming to understand and engage customers in a meaningful way. The implementation of the “Firsts” includes a range of market level initiatives, beginning with the kick-off event, the London NYE 2013 Fireworks presented by the Mayor of London and Vodafone. The NYE 2013 “Firsts” event involved many aspects; Vodafone produced the multisensory fireworks (flavoured mist, bubbles and confetti) along side flashing wrist bands that came as part of the 100,000 experience packs that Vodafone distributed as part of the “Firsts” experience to those on the London Embankment. Vodafone objectives were:

  • To determine how successful, or unsuccessful, the event is perceived to be
  • To assess the impact of the “Firsts” NYE event on Vodafone
  • To understand the breadth of impact this event had


Vodafone partnered with Lumi to capture in-the-moment insights and diagnose the success of the event as attendees prepared to bring in the New Year. The questions had a mostly qualitative focus with responses in the form of open-ended text and video/photo capture. These question types, mixed with the frequent interactions from each unique respondent over the course of the night, created a balance of quantitative and qualitative data. This approach enabled Lumi to capture the data Vodafone was seeking in real-time, helping them to guide their strategic brand decision-making efforts. Methodology

Recruitment to download the app was undertaken on the afternoon of NYE on the London embankment via face-to-face interviewing. People were asked to download the application which would engage them throughout the course of the evening.

Lumi recruited 276 people to download the app and take part in the research. Participants were encouraged to share their thoughts via audio, text, video and pictures.

Users could participate offline once the app was downloaded and logged into – this avoided any network or capacity issues. Participation was self-directed with activities and engagements being pushed (automatically) throughout the evening.

Along with the interactive research components (self-reporting diaries, surveys during the evening and next day, quizzes, and details about the research and opportunity to earn rewards), the app provided notifications for the countdown to midnight and general event information, such as travel and facilities.


  • Results were passed to Vodafone in real-time throughout the event.
  • Top line results incorporating the core messages related to the objectives and headline key verbatim responses were made available on the 1st January.
  • A full detailed presentation was delivered to Vodafone in the subsequent week to NYE.


The in-the moment insight collected across the evening was extremely positive towards the event. As well as providing valuable insight into the event’s success, the application added to the momentum of the evening and experience for those attending.

  • Vodafone were able to gleam in-the-moment real time feedback from the event such as:
  • Attendees of the NYE 2013 were excited and amazed by the event, associating the multisensory fireworks with ‘magical’.
  • Negative associations and comments about Vodafone were minimal.
  • Vodafone consideration and emotions improved following the event.
  • Vodafone became more positively associated with being ‘creative’, ‘innovative’, ‘inspiring’, ‘exciting’, and ‘knowledgeable’ after the event.
  • Vodafone’s involvement was perceived as a ‘brilliant’ or ‘good’ idea.

Vodafone were very happy with the innovative in-the-moment research conducted providing them with valuable insight into the success, impact and effect of the event.