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West Coast Casualty Engages Attendees at Annual Seminar


West Coast Casualty Service hosts its Construction Defect Seminar annually. The multi-day conference brings together professionals in the construction defect claims and litigation industry for a peer-to-peer information exchange. Since West Coast Casualty approached Lumi to provide its services at its seminar four years ago, their goal has been to add excitement to their event while creating more engagement opportunities. They were looking to make their 2013 event the most engaging yet by offering the use of Lumi’s technology to all of its presenters, in all of its breakout rooms.


The offer to utilize Lumi’s technology was extended to all 88 of the seminar’s presenters, running the general sessions and 21 breakout sessions. The presenters could choose which capabilities they wanted to employ to aid in the delivery of their content and the interactivity of their session, such as: polling questions, demographics and cross-tabulations, messaging and microphones for Q&A sessions, mock debates, pre and post-session comparisons, session evaluations and more. Lumi organized pre-event web-based training with the presenters on Lumi solutions and how to implement them for their specific sessions. A green room was also set up on-site, where the presenters could go to speak with IML’s technicians and ask questions. Attendees used their IML Connector to interact and participate throughout the conference’s general and breakout sessions.


Presenters and conference organizers collected the survey responses, demographic information and other various types of data that was sent in via the IML Connectors, using it to not only respond to questions and drive discussion in real-time during the sessions, but in post-event reporting. Pre and post-session comparisons helped presenters gauge retention, and session evaluations helped them to measure the overall success of their presentations. The technology implemented kept attendees engaged and provided an invaluable platform for candid audience responses and feedback. Presenters and the client, West Coast Casualty, were pleased with the level of interactivity and insight provided by Lumi’s services and its technology.