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The Evolution of Stakeholder Engagement 2023

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Much has been written about last year’s AGM season, with activists becoming more visible at in-person meetings, many companies seeing lower than anticipated shareholder attendance despite two years of absence and the debate between in-person and hybrid meeting formats. If last year represented a year of transition, this year will be the true indicator of whether companies decide to return to 2019 ways of working or embrace the new way of working.

In this report we look ahead to 2023 at the trends that are likely to dominate the governance industry - from the future of the AGM, investor relations and the role of governance professionals more widely.

We’ve looked at the data from over 2,000 meetings across 2022 and spoken to senior governance professionals, including Tim Sheehy, Director General at the Chartered Governance Institute and Richard Roger, Directeur de la ligne Metiers Services aux Emetteurs at Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) to understand what the world has in store for us in the coming year.